Highlighted Ministries

Christian Education: Engaging regularly in Bible and Christian
Life Studies enhances our spiritual growth; development and
encourages our faith. We offer these opportunities through Bible
Study on Tuesdays, at Noon and 7:00 p.m., as well as through
special conferences throughout the year.

Missions/Missionary Ministry: We support missions and
benevolent efforts locally and in foreign regions. We are attentive
to the needs of those offering benevolent services to transitioning
families under various circumstances. This includes our local
missions and transitional housing facilitators.

We annually support foreign missionaries in Mozambique, Africa.

We currently facilitate the evangelistic efforts and new church plant
of missionaries from Korea. Their services are conducted each
Sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Evangelism: We engage our local neighborhood and the
community periodically throughout the year sharing the message
of Christ’s salvation.

Music: We celebrate the Lord regularly in worship offering the
talents he has given to us with praise and thanksgiving. There are
tremendous stewardship opportunities to offer musical talents to the
Lord in this ministry.

Dance: We celebrate the Lord with talents in dance. Many
occurrences of celebration in the Bible were associated with
dance. It’s been said, and we believe, when you have become
saved – practicing Christianity, you don’t have to stop dancing; you
just change partners – The Holy Spirit.

Seniors: We respect the contributions of our seniors and seek
opportunities to honor and appreciate them regularly.

Youth: We believe our children/youth are the church of today, not
tomorrow. We endeavor to engage them lovingly; encouragingly,
instructionally and developmentally. We want to help them
build a better world and kingdom for God one encounter at a time.

Audio/Visual Technology: Seeking to utilize all the resources
God has given us to advance his kingdom; we endeavor to
address the very rapid and changing pace of world communications
through the means and use of current Technology. We strive to
highlight how everything God made was meant to be used for his
glory. Reproduction of worship services and instructional
applications are offered through this ministry.

Prison Ministry: Our mission is to provide caring, Christian role
models the opportunity to impact the lives of youth who are
detained at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. We
focus on developing a positive and spiritual relationship with our
students by using scriptures from the Bible and showing them how
to apply God’s wisdom to their daily  lives.  We hope one day to
also share this message to adult detainees as well.  For more
information feel free to contact Pastor Green or any of our active

Spiritual & Office Administration:

Pastor: We endeavor to meet your spiritual expectations and
needs through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. Our pastoral ministry offers the provision of congregational
care – access allowed. We offer spiritual guidance to assist with
moral and ethical decisions. Sick contact/visitation and
administrative practices are also offered through this ministry.

Church Clerk: The administration and ministry of our Church
Clerk is an extension of our congregational management. We
believe maintaining current information on our membership
through annual registration, calendar scheduling and general
information updates is key to members feeling vitally connected in
this local body of Christ.

Editorial: As the ministry of information the Editorial Staff
produces our weekly bulletins. They receive and manage the input
of announcements; regular, current and special events. We
welcome you to contact our editorial staff when you are promoting
your local church activities and events. We’d love to help you shine
your light.

Building Administration:

Trustee: Tom Gunn